About Antidote Eats

Antidote Eats is a new food truck in the Los Angeles area to hit the emerging food truck market with fresh ideas and original recipes. Our products are adaptable to dietary restrictions, and our target guest is between 18-45 years old. Using innovative marketing strategies, such as social media, namely Instagram, Antidote Eats aspires to be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and accommodating all culinary needs for any customer.

While we understand the ferocity of the restaurant industry, we are confident we will continue to excel. Our menu features items that can not be found at other restaurants, such as our signature “Waffle Crepe”. Additionally, an added bonus of our model, is our ability to relocate throughout the city during the day and into the evening, creating additional revenue by monitoring events through Los Angeles and pivoting locations.

Antidote Eats was born because of feedback we received on Instagram. We would always post the special meals we created on social media, and people went crazy! One of the best parts about food is the bond it creates through flavor profiles and storytelling. After discussing our ideas we decided to launch Antidote Eats, and let the public be a part of our experience through food and share their own stories.

  • I have recently tried their signature dish “Waffle Crepe.” It was my first-ever order from Antidote Eats. It was truly delicious and worth the price.
    Emily, Los Angeles
  • Great food and service. My friend and I ordered meals from Antidote Eats. Their delivery was on time and good quantity served. I will definitely recommend Antidote Eats.
    Sophia, New York
  • When it comes to good-quality food, I always rely on Antidote Eats. All of their dishes are fresh and perfectly cooked. Keep it up!
    Katarina, Chicago

Los Angeles

Compliant with all local licensing and permits

Monday - Friday

12:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday

12:00 PM - 07:00 PM

562 977 3366
[email protected]

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